Artist Registry

Are you ready to get your fringe on?

Please Contact for information on registration.

You get to choose your own ticket price. As a guideline, most shows are $10 to $14, $16 is pushing it and if you are above that, you should already have an established audience for your work.

You would be surprised how many spend the money and effort to create a show and then don’t promote it. We want you to succeed. You’ll be up against dozens of other shows at the Nugget Fringe. We have a relationship with Grass Valley Printers and can assist you with getting flyers at a reasonable price!  

The cost for venues for the 2020 Fringe, March 18-22 in Grass Valley will be as follows:

$350 for approximately 60 seats -- 3 performances
$250 for 30-40 seats -- 3 performances.
Less than three performances can be arranged and a lower cost on request.

The registration form below shows a deadline for artwork of January 24, 2020, but that deadline will be February 14, 2020. 


Registration Form


Registration Fee

For 2020 we will not be charging a registration fee. Please send a message to and we will assist you with venue cost and payment.