What is Fringe?


The definition of the word "Fringe" is "something regarded as peripheral, marginal, secondary, or extreme in relation to something else, an outer edge; margin; periphery"

Example: "On the fringe of the art world."

Our local festival is a member of both the United States Association of  Fringe Festivals and the World Fringe organizations, two groups working  to bring focus to the more than two hundred fringe festivals throughout  the world. The largest, in Edinburgh Scotland, started in 1947 and  boasts over forty thousand performances of over six thousand shows  taking place over three weeks in August with two million tickets  available.  

What is NorCal Fringe?


Our Local Fringe Festival Origin Story:

Grass Valley’s NorCal Fringe Theater Festival is part of a  network of over three dozen fringes taking place in the United States  every year. The local festival joining these two networks helped  attract award winning acts from all over North America.

This year will feature myriad world premieres of shows sure to go on  to tour the world. You can see them here first, right here in Grass  Valley. 

NorCal Fringe was created by Quest Theaterworks which is dedicated to “small but mighty” theater.  As a 501(c)3, Quest Theaterworks presents plays and  workshops designed to capture the power of live theater to open the  heart.  They always offer rich, engaging experiences so that you will leave the theater a little lighter than when you came in. 

Quest Theatreworks produces the NorCal Fringe Festival, an eclectic event taking place every year in downtown Grass Valley.  It’s  an opportunity to experience the next generation of cutting-edge live  performance right here locally at the largest rural fringe festival in  North America. 

What is a Fringe Button?

Fringe Buttons are your community badge identifying you as a Fringe  citizen. Wear it with pride as you journey from one Fringe experience to  another.  

Your Fringe button provides perks possibly including:

  • Discounts to local businesses through our Fringe Button Program!
  • Evidence that you are a member of the Fringe community and a supporter of the arts!


The button costs $5. These funds help make the Fringe better and better with each passing year.  If you see someone with a button, feel free to ask them about  their Fringe experience; what shows they loved, shows that inspired them!

Nugget Fringe 2018

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